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RS Recommends: How to Clean Your Vinyl Records (to Keep Them Sounding Great)

“..for routine care and keeping your vinyls in top shape, here are our recommendations for the best products to buy to clean your records.

1. Spin-Clean Record Washer Kit

This was by far the fullest, deepest and all-around best home cleaning device we tried. No need to be a vinyl aficionado or master collector — even newbies can clean their entire collection with this kit.

Two rollers go inside, with three slots to hold and securely spin all sizes of records, from 12-inch to 10-inch and 7-inch. Two brushes slide right into the center slots, and a set line tells you exactly how much distilled water to add so the brushes are submerged, and you can drop the washing fluid right onto them.

From there, rotate your record three times clockwise and counter-clockwise to make sure all the grooves are getting cleaned. Don’t worry about damaging the label either, as the brushes don’t touch it, and the fluid is non-damaging to it anyway.

When you’re done. remove the record and dry it with the included soft drying cloths (it’s recommended to wash them first for extra softness). The difference is noticeably instant, both to ears and eyes, and even smells nice, and seeing all the crud that came off your records is pretty satisfying too.

A bottle of Spin Clean’s washer fluid is included, and is enough for cleaning around 700 records – enough for even the most dedicated collectors.

When not in use, the lid keeps the basin free from dust and debris creeping in, and you can even leave the water/solution in there for up to a week to use for next time (just be sure to remove and rinse the brushes first).”

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