3 Must-Have Vinyl Record Accessories That Won’t Break Your Budget

Whether you are a serious record collector spending thousands of dollars or simply a fan of the warm sounds of vinyl, it’s important to properly maintain and clean your albums. The good news is that you don’t have to break the bank in order to do this. By choosing the right accessories, you can keep your album safe from damage and sounding great while still saving money to buy more vinyl.

Vinyl Record Cleaners

If you enjoy playing your records on a regular basis, cleaning supplies are the most vital vinyl record accessories. This will not only ensure the highest fidelity possible for your music but will also protect your albums and your audio equipment from potential damage. For example, a clean record reduces wear on your stylus and cartridge, meaning that they need to be replaced less frequently.

There are several items that you’ll want to have for cleaning your records. You’ll want to make sure that you use specialized cleaning solution made to clean vinyl without harming it, along with record cleaning brushes. It’s also important to dry your vinyl thoroughly before storing items back into your collection.

Stylus Cleaners

Keeping your equipment in top shape is just as important as cleaning your records. You want to make sure that your stylus and cartridge are clean and working well in order to get the best sound quality and avoid damaging your albums. Many people choose to do this with a stylus brush that sweeps particles away from the needle.

Cover Protectors

One of the realities of collecting vintage vinyl is that a record’s exterior cover will fall apart over time. The best way to avoid causing further damage to the cover while protecting its current condition it to place it in a clear polyethylene cover.



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