Where to Find Vintage Records

Recent sales figures indicate a strong rise in the number of people shopping for records today. Some credit the hipster generation with this rise, while others point out famous artists like Lana Del Rey who release records in combination with digital media and physical media. Those looking for LPs can shop online, but online sellers don’t always highlight the damage associated with those records. The vinyl may have small scratches or other damage the keeps the music from playing. If you want the best records for your collection, you’ll want to examine each LP in person. Find out the best places to find records.

Thrift Stores

Thrift stores are a gold mine for collectors, but you want to get away from chains like Goodwill and focus on independent thrift stores and mom and pop shops. Not only do those shops have lower prices, but you’ll also find a wider selection and may even locate some hard to find releases. Thrift stores will also let you open each box and check out the vinyl inside. Make sure that you check the condition and ensure that the right record is inside.

Yard Sales and Flea Markets

Yard sales and flea markets are another great place to find records. Some flea markets even have vendors who specialize in LPs. Though you might find that you need to pay a little extra, you can track down records you never saw in real life before. You’ll find even lower prices when you shop yard sales. Make sure that you get there early to beat all the other collectors in your city. Even if you find vinyl that isn’t in perfect condition, you can use vinyl record accessories to restore those albums.

Why Shop Offline

Shopping online lets you search for specific artists and locate hard to find albums, but shopping offline fills you with excitement and lets you enjoy the hunt. While it might take longer for you to finish your collection, you’ll have fun tracking down all the vinyl on your list..

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