Which Records are the Best Selling of the Last Two Decades?

Vinyl albums are popular among music fans even if they don’t have a record player tucked away in their home. In fact, there are a lot of music fans who purchase records just to put them on display. Whether they are actually listening to them, or putting them on display. Here are some of the best-selling vinyl albums during the last two decades.

1. What’s The Morning Story Glory by Oasis

What’s The Morning Story Glory by Oasis has been the number one selling vinyl record for a while now. It was in 1995 that this vinyl album was first released. For the last three decades, this album has been the winner of the Best British Album during the Brit Awards.

2. Definitely Maybe by Oasis

Oasis clearly has a dedicated fan base as their album titled Definitely Maybe has held the number two slot for the last two decades. What is interesting about it holding the number two spot is the fact that it was released a year earlier than What’s The Morning Story Glory album

3. Dummy By Portishead

Dummy is the very first vinyl album that Portishead released. The group originally released the album in the year 1994. Just a year later it received the Mercury Music Prize.

4. The Invisible Band by Travis

Travis is the name of a Scottish Indie Pop band. They released this album in the year 2001. Meaning that it has held the fourth spot of top selling albums since it was released.

5. The Kings of Limbs by Radiohead

If you are a lover of rock-n-roll, this is a vinyl album that should be in your collect. The album was released by Radio head in 2011 and has been in the 5th spot of the best sellers list ever since. The album had previously been released as an MP3 download as well as on a CD.

Naturally, The Beatles, Queen, and Nirvana also have vinyl albums that fall into the list of best-selling albums. What you really need to do is sit down and think about what bands and musicians you like or what genera of music. This list of top sellers may or may not appeal to you because it really depends on what genre of music you like.

You can look online or try older music stores if you decide you want to pick up one of these best sellers for your collection. Make sure to pick up a vinyl record cleaner machine so that you can enjoy the highest quality sound from your records. 

Photo by Quadell 


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