5 Must-Have Vinyl Record Accessories

Collecting records is more than a pastime – it is a lifestyle. If you listen to vinyl records with any regularity, there are just some items you can’t afford to be without. The following vinyl record accessories will all enhance your vinyl experience.

Platter Mats and LP Crates

The importance of these cannot be understated. Not only do they hold records in place, improving the life of the record by reducing slips and friction, but a mat composed of the right material can actually improve the sonic quality of the record. Sound is king, so this is a big deal.

If you have a lot of records, you need somewhere to keep them. Cardboard boxes aren’t very durable, so you’re better off getting some kind of plastic or wooden milk crate. Not only will they hold up better, but they make your record collection look cool.

45 RPM Adaptor

A 45 won’t play on a standard turntable without an adaptor. 45s are often sold on the cheap and serve as an excellent introduction to a ton of older recordings. These 7-inch adapters are cheap and increase the effectiveness of your record player, so it’s really a no-brainer.

Isolation Feet or Pads

These accessories are installed under the legs of a record player. They isolate the turntable from the surface upon which it rests and dampens the vibrations, resulting in less disturbances and sonic anomalies from other sources caused as a result of the vibrations.

Anti-Static and Record Cleaner Brushes

Record brushes are huge. Anti-static brushes are used before and after playing a record to remove dust and other particles that may build up. This protects the record while simultaneously improving the sound. They don’t clean records, however, so a record brush and cleaning kit will be needed from time to time as well.



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