Keeping It Clean: Caring for Your Vinyl Records

As a record collector, you probably have a few prized records that you want to make sure that you keep safe. Whether it is one record or your whole collection, you want to make sure that everything remains in the best condition possible.

Storing Your Records Safely

A good portion of the condition of your records comes down to the way that you store them. There are a few things to keep in mind when you are storing records.

The way that you store them is very important. You have probably come across people who like to stack their records up in piles but this is a huge problem for the safety and condition of the records. You should always make sure that they are stored upright and not stacked up. Don’t make them lean against each other or put too much pressure on each other if you can help it.

Handling Your Records Safely

Even the way that you handle your records can affect its condition. Never touch a record if your hands are dirty. It does not matter if they have dirt on them or if they are greasy or sticky, you can cause damage no matter what.

Cleaning Your Vinyl Records Safely

Anyone with an interest in records will want to invest in a good vinyl record cleaner. Because records attract a lot of dust, you will need this cleaner to help safely remove the dust without doing any damage to the vinyl itself. The dust can actually cause damage to the records if it is left too long so it is imperative that your records are all put away clean.

There’s nothing worse than picking up your favorite record and finding out it does not play anymore. But if you follow these simple rules, you can make sure your records will produce beautiful music for many years in the future.


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