Properly Storing and Caring for A Vinyl Record Collection

Properly Storing and Caring for A Vinyl Record Collection


Even though records are not the most recent innovation in the musical realm, they are still extremely popular especially as vintage novelty items. Vinyl records have a very special sound when played; one to which enthusiasts claim other musical mediums cannot compare. Therefore, it is highly important to keep collected records in excellent shape so that they may play for years to come.

Storing Records Correctly

Records should be stored vertically or in short horizontal stacks. This protects the record collection from excessive weight. If the record is not in use, it should be kept in its original protective sleeve to avoid accidental scratching or dust buildup. Records should never be stored in high humidity, direct sunlight or extreme temperatures. Basic storage will ensure that records last for several decades, if not longer.

Tools Every Vinyl Collector Will Need

Keeping the necessary vinyl record accessories on hand makes caring for record collections much easier. Specially made cleaning solutions are available, eliminating the risk of using cleaners that may damage the records. Soft brushes are also needed for cleaning the records and the needle, or stylus, of the turntable. Having extra record sleeves on hand allows the collector to protect any records that he or she happens to come across that have lost the original album art sleeves.

Proper Cleaning and Handling of Vinyl Collections

When a record is removed from its sleeve, it should be handled carefully as close to the outside edge of the vinyl as possible. Fingernails can scratch the record, even if they are short. By avoiding the recorded surface, it is much less likely that the record will become damaged during handling. Cleaning should only be performed with specialty cleaning brushes; records should never be wiped clean with the hand. Cleaning with fingers will just cause the records to become dirty with oils from the skin.


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