How to Protect the Paper Packages on Your Vintage Vinyl Records

Top 3 Tips for Keeping Vintage Vinyl Records Looking Good


People who appreciate music know that there is nothing quite like hearing your favorite song played on a vinyl record. In addition to taking your records to a professional record cleaners to repair minor scratches and keep the vinyl in good condition, you also need to consider the paper packaging and sleeves that hold the records while they are not in use. These three tips will help keep those vinyl records looking and sounding good for years to come.

Careful Handling

The first step in properly caring for vintage vinyl records is to handle them as little as possible. When you do need to touch the records, do so carefully and with clean hands. Better yet, soft cotton gloves, like the kind that collectors use for handling antique papers. These gloves protect the record sleeves and covers by preventing the spread of oils and dirt from your hands.

Proper Storage

Heat and humidity are the enemies of your vinyl records and their packaging. While the basement or attic might be a convenient storage space, the environmental conditions of those areas are not amenable to preservation of the records. a flat under the bed storage box or a dedicated shelf in the closet are both good spaces for storing records that are not in regular use.

Careful Displays

If you’re like many collectors, you enjoy displaying your favorite items. When putting your vinyl records on display, choose a location that is out of direct sunlight and away from any appliances that generate heat or moisture. This means keeping the records away from your computer, printer, dishwasher, television, router and anything else that emanates heat. Records should also be kept away from a home’s exterior walls due to drafts and increased humidity levels.


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