The Highest Record Prices Realized Online

As a record collector, you might keep an eye out for some albums that you like, but you should also look at some of the most expensive albums that ever sold online, just in case you are interested in purchasing as well.

Double Fantasy

After marrying Yoko Ono and leaving The Beatles, John Lennon recorded the Double Fantasy album with his wife. When one copy came up for auction in 1999, it sold for just over $400,000. Before you get too excited and dig through your collection for a copy, keep in mind that this was a very special and unique copy of the album. Lennon signed this copy for Mark David Chapman just a few short hours before Chapman murdered Lennon. The record went up for sale again in the 2000s but didn’t bring as much the second time around.

Quarrymen Singles

You would have a hard time getting your hands on the Quarryman singles record, which contains In Spite of All Danger and That’ll Be the Day. The last time this album landed in private hands, it brought an amazing $200,000. Paul McCartney purchased the record and placed it in his own collection. McCartney later made copies, with one selling for $20,000 online. If you’re ever lucky enough to own a copy and decide to sell it, you’ll want to use record washers to remove any residue from your hands before placing it on the auction site.

Dare to Dream

While the most expensive records ever sold online are now in private hands and collections, you never know when you might come across one worth a high amount yourself. As prices change and demand fluctuates, you may find certain albums rising up that list.


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