Spin-Clean at T.H.E. Show


Spin-Clean® had a great time at T.H.E. Show this past weekend in Newport Beach, CA. The show was amazing, as there were about twice the number of vendors and attendees as last year. The amount of new vinyl and CD dealers was extremely gratifying to see. The entertainment was enjoyable as well, while the Jennifer Warnes “meet and greet” was a pleasant surprise.

Vinyl continues to make a comeback, and the digital gear continues to get better and closer to matching the warmth of analog. Acoustic Sounds was excited to debut their new Doors and Norah Jones LP releases. Meanwhile, we at Spin-Clean® were showing our new limited-edition, clear ABS unit, as well as the new Spin-Clean® Cabinet, MKIII drying cloths, and the new Yellow Jacket 45 RPM record sleeve.

Read a recap of the entire weekend from enjoythemusic.com


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