Musicians Who Support Vinyl Records

Not just audiophiles and collectors appreciate vinyl records. Some of the leading musicians in the industry go out of their way to release album on vinyl and support fans of vinyl records. These musicians appreciate the nostalgia of vinyl and the great sound of a high-quality LP.

Jack White

The former White Stripes frontman is a noted lover of vinyl and has used his Third Eye label to support the resurgence of vinyl. In 2014, he produced the “World’s Fastest Record,” as he recorded his new single “Lazaretto” and a batch of singles in a four-hour timespan. He also purchased the original copy of Elvis Presley’s first recording for $300,000.

The Flaming Lips

Fans of the indie rock darlings, The Flaming Lips, receive plenty of extras when they purchase vinyl versions of the band’s albums. Past releases have included special artwork, notes and even DVDs of live performances. The band’s singer Wayne Coyne told Reuters that vinyl releases have a visceral appeal that digital releases can’t match.

Reasons Musicians Love Vinyl

Musicians want their fans to have a special connection with their music, and a vinyl recording can provide that. When a record that has been cleaned with a vinyl cleaner and is played on a quality turntable, it has a warmth and depth of sound that can’t be beat. In addition, full albums allow musicians to provide memorable front and back cover artwork, liner notes, song lyrics and other special features to their fans that simply can’t be done with a digital release.


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